Leading interiors PR Specialist and stylist


Here are just a few testimonials from my clients, magazine editors, freelance journalists and industry partners

"Alex works tirelessly to provide all the images and information requested well in advance of a deadline, and is consistently a delight to deal with."

Emma Hedges, Editor, Essential Kitchen & Bathroom Business

"Alex is best described as a precision instrument; sharp, focused, effective, fit for purpose. Like a precision instrument, she makes light work of very difficult jobs. Kitchen PR is certainly one of those; growing competition for limited coverage, means that her skills, experience and contacts are an invaluable asset."

Giles Kime - Country Life

"A passion for interiors is one of the biggest assets for a PR working in this sector, and Alex has passion aplenty. Her interest in her clients’ work and her understanding of their services and products is invaluable to us, as it ensures we receive accurate and appropriate copy for all our features. She is a joy to work with and one of a handful of names I know I can call on with a last minute request should the occasion arise."

Matt Blair - Acting Editor - Utopia Kitchen & Bathroom

"…the photography and styling by Alex certainly helped in our win…"

Brayer Design, voted Best of Design 2016 and Best Customer Service 2016 by the Houzz.com community

"Thanks for all your support and hard work this year, we've seen some great coverage."

Lisa Lalor, Tom Howley

"I went to see a client this week and she said I seem to be in every kitchen magazine she had bought over the last year! I then went to see her sister and she had a feature from last year and said she keeps seeing our work. I got one order from one client and I reckon I’ll get the other too. I just wanted to share this so you know that the work you are putting in does have an effect.

Your help and enthusiasm for our work really does help us reach people. Thanks for all you do."

Graham Barnard, Matrix Kitchens

"I was so impressed by your eye for perfection and your sleek working relationship with your photographer on the shoot today. Very impressive!"

Natasha from Vanessa Grape

"I have worked with Alex for many years, and always find her to be extremely professional and very easy to work with. Alex’s passion for kitchens shines through, she is enthusiastic about all of her clients, is incredibly persistent and does her utmost to get their projects published."

Clara Perry, Publisher

"Having known Alex for many years as a customer it was a great pleasure to work with her on the NEO Bankside pop up shop opportunity.

Right from the first contact her enthusiasm, knowledge and drive are apparent . She delivers what she promises and has a very balanced view of both sides of the working relationship."

Annie Sterry, Director Barbed

"As a young man starting out in the industry I was very aware of Crabtree Kitchens as a design led high end manufacturer. I realise now that the profile of Crabtree Kitchens was in no small part due to the excellent PR work carried out by Alex.

Over the past 12 months of working with Alex she has managed to elevate the profile of our company to a very high level with some excellent coverage, always in high quality publications. Apart from large features, including a recent 12 page spread Alex also manages to place a lot of smaller inserts. The large features really build the brand and the smaller inserts keep an constant ‘drip feed’ of the brand which is also so important.

Apart from being constantly professional and ‘switched on’ Alex is always bubbly and full of enthusiasm - it’s a pleasure to work with her."

Barry Sawyer, MD of Brayer Design

"Massive thanks to @alexcrabtreepr for her amazing help in 2013! Looking forward to working with you this year again!"

Matrix Kitchens

"Having worked with Alex for well over 12 months we can be confident in her work and her ability to obtain the best possible coverage for the business. Not only can we trust Alex to always deliver the best coverage but she is always more than happy to attend our showroom events and provides a real element of fun along with her professionalism."

Amy Smith, Marketing Executive - Tom Howley

"Alex knows the kitchen industry inside out, represents her clients in a professional and friendly manner and always follows up to check if they have been featured. She understands just what editors want and never fails to deliver before deadline."

Jo-Anne Wright, managing editor of Utopia Kitchen & Bathroom magazine

"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Alex for many years and she has consistently delivered on all counts — no matter how small or large the request and no matter how tight the deadline, Alex provides exactly what I need without fuss and always with her friendly enthusiasm. She is a true legend."

Hayley Gilbert, freelance kitchen and interiors journalist

"It's always a pleasure to deal with Alex. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable when it comes to kitchens but she also reacts quickly to any requests for images or information. And, importantly, if she can't help immediately she keeps me informed, which is crucial when it comes to deadlines. Most of all, she is always charming and friendly no matter how last minute the request!"

Ruth Bell, editor of Kitchens Bedrooms and Bathrooms magazine

"Alex's background in the kitchen industry makes her extremely knowledgable as well as always helpful and efficient. I go to her knowing I will get a quick response and top quality information and images."

Katy Eachus, freelance journalist

"Alex is a true professional, who's attention to detail produces great results. She is fun and creative and this leads to an enjoyable work environment."

Nick Smith photography

"Alex was a great PR contact while I was an Editor. Always so friendly, always so helpful, she was the person you'd go to for pictures, information and stories because you knew she'd deliver the goods. She had great clients and a real understanding of what writers and editors needed."

Ros Anderson

"Alex has boundless enthusiasm for the interiors industry which rubs off on everyone she comes into contact with. She's organised, reliable and great fun. I can't recommend her more highly."

Julia Faiers

"During my time as a home interest journalist, I was often in contact with Alex who was then handling PR for Crabtree Kitchens. She could always be relied upon to deliver great information and images quickly and knew exactly what was required."

Sarah Gale

"Whether we are looking for an exclusive case study or a single shot of storage option, Alex always get us exactly what we need quickly and without fuss, ensuring we have the perfect images and copy for our features and her clients the best possible coverage."

Ysanne Brooks - freelance kitchen/interiors journalist

"Alex Crabtree is a first class PR professional. Always great with ideas and information, quick to respond, very knowledgeable and fun to deal with, too. What more could a journalist ask for?"

Amelia Thorpe – design and interiors journalist

"Alex Crabtree is top of my go-to PRs for quick, efficient responses, especially when on deadline. She is excellent if you need quality images at short notice, and is always happy to go above and beyond to help out. In short, I can't fault her and my working life would be infinitely easier if there were more of her calibre out there."

Linda Clayton – freelance interiors journalist

"I have known Alex Crabtree for many years; she is a delight to work with and always willing to help me get the best results for my editorial features."

Linda Parker – freelance interiors writer

"As a homes and interiors journalist, I have been working with Alex Crabtree since 1996 and she has always been a pleasure to deal with - extremely efficient, highly knowledgeable and lovely with it. I know I can always count on her to supply me with great images and relevant information, no matter how tight my deadline turns out to be."

Sarah Blake – freelance interiors journalist

"Whether when responding to requests or sending out ideas and information from her clients, Alex Crabtree is efficient and informative. I know I can trust her to make sure I have all I need when I'm writing features relevant to her clients, that it will be with me on time, and that I'll never have to ask twice."

Sarah Warwick – freelance journalist & editor